Craft/Activity Bags are ready to pick up! Find links to videos for crafts below…










Summer Reading Craft/Activity Bags are ready for pick up. 

You can find them plus reading logs and printed registration forms inside the front doors to the Library.  Please practice good social distancing as you pick them up – only one person or family inside at a time.  Please be aware that some craft materials may not be safe for use by young children.

Bags for weeks 7 & 8 crafts are available on the table (the box is marked) and there are still plenty of bags for weeks 5 & 6 available (in the box on the floor)


Here are the links to the craft how-to videos for weeks 1 through 4

Week 1—-    SR Week 1 Craft
Week 3 — SR Week 3 craft
Week 4 – SR Week 4 craft
Week 5 – SR Week 5 Craft
Week 6 – SR Week 6 Craft
Week 7 – SR Week 7 Craft
Week 8 – SR Week 8 Craft