Updated COVID policies:


Many people who visit the Library are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and its complications than others.  We have a large number of users who are either too young to get vaccinated, teens and adults with contraindications to the vaccine, senior citizens, and/or users with immuno-compromised systems (think cancer or dialysis patients, transplant recipients, etc.)  While none of us enjoys wearing a mask, let’s all mask up to do our best to help protect our friends and neighbors!

Please note: effective immediately and until further notice, masks are required while visiting the library.   We are happy to provide curbside delivery for those who would rather not wear a mask.  Please continue to keep your library visits short, and please continue to socially distance.  The Library staff, board, and City of Valley Center are continuing to monitor the Covid situation and additional information will be posted as needed.

Per the CDC as of 1/4/22:

“In Sedgwick County, Kansas, community transmission is High. Everyone should wear a mask in public indoor settings.”

Help keep everyone safe!  Please bring and properly wear your mask while visiting the Library!