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eBooks with your Valley Center library card (directions for using your eReader device with Sunflower eLibrary can be found at the bottom of this page):


VCPL Directions for Using Your eReader or Other Device with Sunflower eLibrary:

Use this video to guide you through using the Libby App (suitable for many tables, smart phones, and non-Kindle eReaders):

Use this guide if your device has an App Store:  Overdrive Media App Guide

Use this guide if you have a Kindle with WiFi but no App Store:  Kindle with WiFi No App Store

Use this guide if you have a device other than a Kindle, without an App Store: Non Kindle Devices without App Store



Please note that eMagazines are being discontinued due to low usage.  The Library still subscribes to a variety of print magazines which can be checked out.  Please contact the staff if interested.



eBooks and eAudio Books with your “Kansas Library Card” (to obtain a Kansas Library Card, visit the Valley Center Public Library or any public library):


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