It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Save only the UPC symbol from Best Choice products. The Best Choice labels currently are being redesigned. In most cases, the words, “Best Choice” are printed above the UPC symbol.
  2. Cut the UPC symbol from labels or cartons (just cut around the UPC symbol. It’s not necessary to send in the whole label). For glass items with a glued label, the labels can be removed by first soaking in warm water. Please make sure the words “Best Choice” are included on your cut out (unless the words are not printed near the UPC code).
  3. You can drop your labels off at the Library.

best choice upc

Products Excluded: Aluminum soda cans (UPCs from 12-pack and 24-pack soda cardboard cartons are acceptable); Aerosol cans; Cigarettes


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