Adult programs, parties, book discussions, and special reading challenges and contests are scheduled throughout the calendar year. Past programs have included: Celtic guitarist concert, Xeriscaping program, Civil War history presenters, game nights, German folded ribbon star class, metal detecting education, etc.

The Library staff welcomes your suggestions for possible programming for adults, let us know your interests and ideas!  If there is program you want to present at the Library, please contact the Director or Office Manager.  We welcome the opportunity to work with civic organizations and other groups as well.

eReader clinics are held once a quarter, check our calendar for details.

Each year as a part of the Summer Reading Program, adults can participate in a reading challenge, with prizes for participants reaching the reading challenge goals.





Between Jan. 1 and Mar. 31, read for a Bingo or a “White Out!”  Pick up a form at the Library or print off this one:





Celebrate 100 years of the Progressive Women’s Club and the Valley Center Public Library!  Join our year-long reading challenge, where we will read through the decades starting in the 1920’s with the founding the Valley Center Library.

Reading Log, FAQ, Misc. Info, and Links to the recommended book lists: 2023 book challenge.  This book challenge is based on the Decades Challenge developed by the Book Girls Guide.  To pick up a paper copy and/or review the printed copies of the suggested lists, please visit the Library.

Link to the recommended list for books set in the future: Books Set in the Future