Library Board of Directors

The Valley Center Public Library is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Mayor of Valley Center.  Current Board Members and their individual email addresses are below:


Effective with our September 2020 meeting, our regularly scheduled meetings the THIRD Monday of each month at 6 pm at the Library or via ZOOM if COVID concerns continue.  Special meetings are scheduled as needed.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Library Board will be conducting remote meetings over ZOOM through the March 2021 meeting.  Beginning with the April 2021 meeting, we will hold meetings in person with ZOOM as an option for those who cannot or prefer not to attend in person.  The Monday March 23, 2020 meeting recording can be found through a link on our card catalog.  Search for all keywords LIBRARY BOARD MEETING, and in the item you will find the URL.  Please contact the Library if you require assistance accessing this recording.

Beginning in April 2021, Board Meetings will be held in person at the Library at 314 E. Clay — For the time being, ZOOM links will continue to be offered for those preferring to attend remotely.


Library Board Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes


Library Board Minutes 1-18-21     Agenda 1-18-21

Library Board Minutes 2-15-21     Agenda 2-15-21

Library Board Minutes 3-22-21     Agenda 3-22-21

Library Board Minutes 4-19-21 with additions    Agenda 4-19-21

Library Board Minutes 5-17-21     Agenda 5-17-21

Library Board Minutes 6-21-21      6-21-21 Agenda 

Library Board Minutes 7-19-21      Agenda 7-19-21



Library Board Minutes 1-27-20    Library Board Minutes 2-24-20  Library Board Minutes 3-23-20  Library Board Minutes 4-27-20  Library Board Minutes 5-6-20 Special meeting  Library Board Minutes 5-18-20  Library Board Minutes 6-22-20  Library Board Minutes 7-27-20  Library Board Minutes 8-24-20  Library Board Minutes 9-21-20  Library Board Minutes 10-19-20  Library Board Minutes 11-16-20   Library Board Minutes 12-14-20

Agenda 1-27-20    Agenda 2-24-20      Agenda 3-23-20   Agenda 4-27-20   Agenda 5-18-20   Agenda 6-22-20 Agenda 7-27-20   Agenda 8-24-20   Agenda 9-21-20   Agenda 10-19-20   Agenda 11-16-20   Agenda 12-14-20


As an alternative to individual emails for the Board, you may use this form to reach out to them as a group: