Originally established in a drugstore in 1923, the library in Valley Center, Kansas was managed and funded by volunteers known as the Progressive Women’s Club, later to become the Friends of the Valley Center Library. As the collection grew, the library was moved into a small residential building owned by the Progressive Women’s Club. This building became the first Valley Center Public Library. In 1985, the citizens of Valley Center were proud to dedicate the Edna Buschow Memorial Library in a brand new building of 3,250 square feet and 8,000 volumes.  Since that time, the same building continues housing a growing collection, now numbering 59,000 volumes.

The Friends of the Library building fund was established to raise and grow funds towards a new facility.  In the spring of 2016, the Valley Center City Council voted to dedicate $1 million towards a new facility to be built in Lions Park that would house the Library, the Senior Center, and the Community Building.  The Friends of the Library has been charged with funding the second $1 million needed to build this new $2 million facility.  All donations are happily accepted.  For further information about the fundraising efforts, please see the Library Staff.